Frequently Asked Questions

Can Design Build Facility Solutions help with the design process?

Yes. We will assemble a team of design professionals including architects, engineers, landscape designers / architects, interior designers and signage / promotional design professionals to create a seamless, unified retail identity. We will lead the design team and assist with design proposals and the final selection process.

Do I really need an architect and/or engineer for my project?

Yes. Architects and engineers perform critical roles in the construction process and lead to a better result in terms of efficiency and end user satisfaction. Additionally, most municipalities will require drawings that have been stamped by licensed architects / engineers as part of the building permit application.

Is my project too small or too large?

No. We complete projects of all sizes and across all levels of complexity.

How can I be assured I'm getting a fair price for my project?

As the Owner's representative, we bid all facets of the project to a minimum of three contractors, sub-contractors and / or material suppliers, then analyze and qualify these bids to ensure you get the best price for all expenses related to your build or renovation.

What types of building projects do you manage?

We are experts in the specific and complex needs of financial and medical facilities. This expertise is built on years of hands-on project management, allowing us to deliver pleasing environments that are also functional and high performing.