Construction Services

This is where it all comes together. The critical step of turning drawings and designs into workable spaces is the most costly, most complex and most intricate of the building processes.

The impact of miscommunication and construction rework can take a serious tole on budgets and schedules. The trickle-down effect of these mishaps can often infiltrate and affect the project on a variety of levels. Initiating one source to manage all aspects of the project reduces finger-pointing and project rework so that every facet of the project is completed correctly and efficiently.

Unnecessary embellishments and overreaching scope can escalate costs with little or no value. For example, a decorative architectural element that is complex and expensive can often be replaced with something equally attractive at a fraction of the cost, but don't expect that advise from the builder! More often than not, the builder / general contractor will refrain from suggesting cost-cutting solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, we are adept at finding affordable alternatives that still turn heads.

Quality control and budget management is the make or break of the construction process, and having an experienced Construction Specialist on your team makes all the difference. A Design Build Solutions Project Specialist can personally oversee all aspects of construction and advocate to protect your best interest and ensure that everyone is working toward the same objective.

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